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Sizing Information
Our Bangle needs to be slipped over your hand so an accurate measurement is important for a good fit. If you have a good fitting bangle already, measure the inner diameter of the bangle and compare it to the diameter of the bangle sizes we offer.
If you do not already have a bangle you can measure, carefully measure your hand according to the following instructions. You may wish to ask someone to assist you with this. You will need a flexible measuring tape or string to complete this.

1. Bring your fingers together with your thumb across the palm of your hand pointing towards the base of your pinky finger as if you are about to put on a bangle.
2. Measure the distance across your knuckles, and record the distance from the outside of your index finger knuckle, to the outside of your pinky finger knuckle.
3. Compare this measurement to our bangle sizes. If you find that your knuckle measurement is in-between two of our sizes, choose the larger of the two to ensure an accurate fit.
To find your ring size we recommend measuring a ring you already own using a ring chart. If you do not own a ring currently please follow these instructions:

1. For best results measure your finger towards the end of the day and when your hands are warm.
2. Measure your finger 3 to 4 times in order to ensure accurate results.
3. Wrap either a piece of non-elastic string or paper around your finger.
4. Mark the string or paper where the materials overlap forming a full circle with a pencil or pen.
5. With a straight ruler, measure the length of the measurement.
6. Compare the measurement with chart below to determine your ring size. For rings with larger bands you may want to select 1 size larger to accommodate the extra width.
7. If in doubt, visit any local jeweler and they will be happy to help you determine your sizing with professional ring gauges.
Ring Size 4 4 ½ 5 5 ½ 6 6 ½ 7 7 ½ 8 8 ½
Inches 1-13/16 1-7/8 1-15/16 2 2-1/16 2-1/8 2-3/16 2-1/4 2-5/16 2-3/8
mm 46.5 47.8 49 50.3 51.5 52.8 54 55.3 56.6 57.6
Ring Size 9 9 ½ 10 10 ½ 11 11 ½ 12 12 ½ 13
Inches 2-7/16 2-1/2 2-9/16 2-5/8 2-11/16 2-3/4 2-13/16 2-7/8 2-15/16
mm 59.1 60.3 61.6 62.8 64.1 65.3 66.6 67.9 69.1

All of our pendants come with either a 16” (40cm) or 18” (45cm) silver box chain unless otherwise noted. The correct chain length depends on where you would like the pendant to sit and is largely a personal choice. The pendants themselves vary in size and can range from 20cm to 45cm in length. We recommend measuring chains you currently own or cutting a string to the matching lengths of the chains we offer. Place the strings around your neck like the chain and determine which length is best for you. We can also accommodate larger chain lengths on special orders at additional cost.