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Zigzag Earrings



Zigzag Earrings


Our zigzag series silver earrings were inspired by the swaying trees of a bamboo forest. The undulating pattern of these earrings was studied through a series of origami paper models. These earrings can be both dressy, and casual, and perfect for the woman who wants a bit of edginess in her wardrobe!


Our earrings are handcrafted in sterling silver (nickel free) with the highest quality of materials and with exceptional care. We are very proud of the quality and craftsmanship of all of our jewelry.

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Zigzag Series

“walk through the bamboo forest” The zigzag series was conceived while walking through a bamboo forest in Kyoto. The gentle breeze created a rhythm of swaying and crisscrossing trees. This experience was explored through paper origami which gave rise to the undulating pattern of our zigzag series.


Our jewelry is handcrafted and finished in Niigata, Japan. We work with a family based business that has been in operation since 1980. Niigata is known for their exceptional metal work and the craftsman that create our jewelry are no exception. All of our jewelry is hand cast and finished to perfection.

Our jewelry consists of .925 sterling silver with a 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper content, and our pearls are natural Akoya pearls


We offer 3 different finishes, mirror, matte, and scratch. We are also open to custom orders if you prefer a different metal.
Mirror finish:Also known as polished finish. A high gloss finish resulting in crisp clear reflections.
Matte finish: Also known as honed finish. A non-reflective finish created through a micro bead blast application.
Scratch finish: Also known as satina finish. A texturing technique consisting of a series of tiny parallel lines.


All of our jewelry comes in a handcrafted gift box which contains an information sheet describing the jewelry line and providing care considerations.