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"First the idea becomes a sketch. Sketches are folded into origami, which are brought to life in the Cartesian world."


Jewelry Designers Vancouver


Designers Hiroko Kobayashi and Neil Prakash have practiced architecture at some of the world’s most respected firms, including Kengo Kuma & Associates and Nick Milkovich Architects Inc. with Arthur Erickson.

Since 2009, they have translated their modern aesthetic to the scale of the body, as well as the building site. Each piece of jewelry is a miniature study in architectural balance: considering light, space and form to exacting standards.


A typical piece moves from sketches and origami models to complex computer renderings and rapid prototypes. We combine these techniques with traditional jewelry casting, hand polishing and finishing. Within the complexity of our design process, we aim to create geometric designs of relative simplicity.

Our jewelry is made from nickel-free 925 sterling silver, with three different finishing options. Mirror is a highly polished, reflective surface. Matte is a micro bead-blasted matte finish. Scratch is a texturing technique that produces tiny parallel lines. All jewelry is also available in gold and platinum, by special request.


hk+np studio has been featured in Canadian Architect Magazine, the Globe and Mail, CBC’s North by Northwest, and Shaw Cable Go! Selected works have been exhibited at the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle and the JOYA contemporary jewelry exhibition in Barcelona. Designers Neil and Hiroko have also lectured at the Architecture and Design Now series at the University of Lethbridge. Their jewelry is available at art gallery shops and boutiques across Canada, and has recently expanded to the US and Japan.

Japanese Jewelry

Designed in Vancouver. Handcrafted in Japan

After searching near and far, jewelry designers Hiroko and Neil partnered with Craft Sanyuu in Niigata, Japan. These expert, third-generation silversmiths cast and hand polish every piece. Their quality is unmatched. The relationship also provides a beautifully unexpected link to Hiroko’s home country of Japan.

 A story of rice and steel

With rolling fields shadowed by Mount Yahiko, the Niigata prefecture has long produced Japan’s most delicious rice and sake. For centuries, local residents worked primarily as farmers. But the mountain valleys were prone to flooding and the rice-growing season was temperamental. The residents of Niigata needed a stable industry, so they lifted their eyes to the mountain.

The people petitioned for the right to mine copper from Mount Yahiko. The ruling Emperor granted them permission to forge nails, which were used to build palaces and temples. Over time, the industry grew to include copper, steel and titanium.

Niigata became renowned for its handmade metal goods, including teapots and dishware. Copper cups were in especially high demand among 17th century royalty, because the material changed colour in the presence of poison. Today, Niigata is still the home of expert metalwork. Many family-owned shops have practiced their craft for over six generations.


We launched our studio in 2009 with one piece: the Twist Series bangle. Since then, we have continued to add more collections, developing contemporary pieces that bring architectural design to the scale of modern jewelry.

Find the right fit

Our rings and bangles are handcrafted to fit different hand and wrist sizes. Please refer to the sizing chart if you are unsure which size to choose. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our jewelry collections. We would be happy to help you.

Packaging and gift wrapping

Every order comes in a beautiful, handmade paper jewelry box. We are also happy to provide free gift wrapping, upon request.