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"First the idea becomes a sketch. Sketches are folded into origami, which are brought to life in the Cartesian world."


Jewerly Designers Vancouver

Jewelry Designers Vancouver

ABOUT US: hk+np studio consists of Vancouver jewelry designers Hiroko Kobayashi and Neil Prakash. We utilize our experiences in architectural design to produce handcrafted Japanese jewelry in 925 sterling silver and natural Akoya Pearls. We pride ourselves on the quality level of our contemporary jewelry and personalized customer service. All of our jewelry can also be made in gold and platinum on a special order basis.

PHILOSOPHY: Our design philosophy stems from our experiences of working in architecture on the West Coast. Architecture for us is about the dignified composition of material, light, space, and rhythm. We attempt to explore these elements in 925 sterling silver resulting in jewelry that can be described as geometric and architectural. We strive to create contemporary jewelry that is both understated and embraces a sense of timelessness.

CRAFTSMANSHIP: All of our designer jewelry is handcrafted in Japan by a multi-generational family run jewelry studio called Craft Sanyuu founded in 1980 and located in Niigata, Japan. Niigata is famous in Japan for its metal crafting guilds which date back to the early 17th century. hk+np studio and Craft Sanyuu share our commitment to design integrity and exemplary hand crafted quality as integral aspects to our work.

Jewelry Designer Vancouver

Jewelry Design Vancouver

MATERIAL: All of our designer jewelry is made from nickel free 925 sterling silver. Our three different finishes are: mirror, a highly polished reflective surface; matte, a micro bead blast matte finish; and scratch, a texturing technique consisting of a series of tiny parallel lines. All of our jewelry is also available in gold and platinum by special request.

DESIGN PROCESS: Our work is unique in that we incorporate traditional and contemporary design techniques from multiple design disciplines. A typical jewelry design will pass from simple sketches and origami models to complex computer modeling and rapid prototyping. We combine these design development techniques with traditional jewelry casting and hand polishing and finishing. Within the complexity of our design process we aim to achieve geometric jewelry designs of relative simplicity.

BIOGRAPHY: Hiroko Kobayashi is from Sapporo. Neil Prakash is from Prince Albert. We met in 2005 while apprenticing in Vancouver at the office of Nick Milkovich Architects Inc. with Arthur Erickson. hk+np studio, an architectural jewelry design studio, was established in 2009 during the economic downturn with support from the Canadian Youth Business Foundation with the release of our first piece:

Japanese Jewelry

Fine Japanese Jewelry Twist Series Bangle

Hiroko graduated from the architectural program at Nihon University in Tokyo which she followed with an internship in the office of Kengo Kuma & Associates Architects. Neil is a registered architect with the Architectural Institute of British Columbia and a graduate of the architectural program at the University of Manitoba.

RECOGNITION: hk+np studio has been featured in Canadian Architect Magazine, the Globe and Mail, CBC’s North by Northwest, Shaw Cable Go!, exhibited at the Wing Luke Museum in Seattle, lectured at the Architecture and Design Now series at the University of Lethbridge, and exhibit at the JOYA contemporary jewelry exhibition in Barcelona, Spain. Their jewelry is available at Art Gallery shops and boutiques across Canada, and has recently expanded to the US and Japan.