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Press Releases
hk+np studio Jewelry / Architecture Blog: Architect Yoshio Taniguchi February 04, 2016

One of our favorite living architects is Yoshio Taniguchi. Most people, and many architects won't know who he is, despite having a seriously impressive portfolio of work. His first project outside of Japan was the competition...
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hk+np studio Jewelry / Architecture Blog: The Metals in our Jewelry February 01, 2016

Silver jewelry, most commonly uses an alloy to make jewelry which is know as Sterling Silver, or .925 Silver. The reason for this is that natural silver is considered too soft for most applications. Silverware, and most silver jewelry contains 92.5% silver, and 7.5%...
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Architecture and Jewelry: Part 3: Discovering Craft Sanyuu January 29, 2016

Our search for exemplary craftsmanship took us back to japan where Hiroko had made the first pieces as a student of architecture. We hesitated to look for a casting studio in Japan at first because we were worried about the costs to have it made there. But after realizing some...
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Architecture and Jewelry: Part 2, Searching for a Casting Studio January 20, 2016

I suppose that being an architect and in the architecture field should have deterred us from pursuing a jewelry studio. Adding to that feeling is the fact that we don't have any experience in making jewelry or casting metals ourselves. Indeed, we have come to learn that this is a...
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Architecture and Jewelry: Part 1, Our Beginning: An Architectural Jewelry Studio January 19, 2016

We have had a lot of questions regarding our design process and what is the relationship between architecture and jewelry. So to best explain this we need to give a bit of background on how we started. Both Hiroko and I have backgrounds in architecture and work for a small...
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2014 Fall Brochure October 20, 2014

For fall/winter 2014 we are pleased to release our new spiral series earrings and pendant, and our zigzag series ring. You can also download a PDF of our Look Book from the bottom right hand corner of your screen.
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