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Akoya Pearls - Custom Jewelry Design May 02, 2016

This past year we were commissioned to create a unique piece for a new customer. For his anniversary, he wanted to gift a custom-designed jewelry piece. We talked about the rings that we already offered, and in order to keep his...
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Architecture and Jewelry: Part 2, Searching for a Casting Studio January 20, 2016

I suppose that being an architect and in the architecture field should have deterred us from pursuing a jewelry studio. Adding to that feeling is the fact that we don't have any experience in making jewelry or casting metals ourselves. Indeed, we have come to learn that this is a...
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Architecture and Jewelry: Part 1, Our Beginning: An Architectural Jewelry Studio January 19, 2016

We have had a lot of questions regarding our design process and what is the relationship between architecture and jewelry. So to best explain this we need to give a bit of background on how we started. Both Hiroko and I have backgrounds in architecture and work for a small...
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