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speaks in silence

Handcrafted Japanese Jewelry

Japanese Jewelry Silver Pendant hk+np


A pendant speaks in silence. Resting above the heart, it’s a decorative bridge between our thoughts and emotions. To those who take notice, it whispers the truth about who we are, and what matters when all other artifice is stripped away.


Japanese jewelry infinity silver pendant hk+np


Giving a pendant reflects a singular, shared experience. It captures the intangible connection of love or friendship in a material object. Every time the chain is fastened, we’re reminded of these ephemeral moments that add color and meaning to our lives.


Japanese Jewelry Q silver pendant hk+np

Sterling Silver, Vermeil, & Akoya Japanese jewelry

Our jewelry is made from nickel-free 925 sterling silver, with three different finishing options. Mirror is a highly polished, reflective surface. Matte is a micro bead-blasted matte finish. Scratch is a texturing technique that produces tiny parallel lines. All jewelry is also available in gold and platinum, by special request.

We also carry limited quantities of rings in vermeil - gold plated sterling silver and Akoya natural pearls 

Japanese Jewelry twist silver pendant hk+np

packaging and gift wrapping

Every order comes in a beautiful, handmade paper jewelry box. We are also happy to provide free gift wrapping, upon request.